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Ashaway Tuna Braid

Tuna Braid


Tuna Braid for buoy fishing for swordfish. Ashaway Braided Tuna Line features a nine carrier braid of high tenacity DuPont multi-filament nylon coated with Ashaway’s exclusive nylon resin coating. This combination of materials produces a stiff, yet supple feel. The nylon coating makes the line easy to handle and provides excellent abrasion resistance. The perfect choice for buoy fishermen. Can also be used on teaser reels.

Tuna Braid
Available in 1-lb Spools:

Model Weight Price Size
Model-11R, 200-lb test = $39.99. 3/32″ x 400 ft.
Model-16R, 300-lb test = $39.99. 1/8″ x 275 ft.
Model-22R, 450-lb test = $40.99. 5/32″ x 190 ft.

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