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Items that include a button for online purchases include free ground shipping within the Continental United States. States and territories that can be shipped via USPS Priority Mail will also receive free shipping for sport fishing tackle only!

Free shipping is not offered on any items from our commercial fishing section. The sizes and weights of these items vary too much for us to effectively price these items without overcharging some customers. Freight costs are determined by box dimensions and destination. Exact shipping rates will be added to orders from this section.

International Shipping
Some international credit cards are unable to be authorized or verified in the United States, so in those cases we will ask the customer to pay through bank wire transfer. Orders for sport fishing tackle from outside the continental US will be adjusted for shipping and will be e-mailed back to the customer for approval prior to shipment. We reserve the right to deny orders we feel to be fraudulent in nature.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not, and can not, guarantee that you as a customer will catch fish simply by purchasing tackle from Blue Ocean Tackle Inc. Due to all of the variables involved with fishing there is absolutely no way possible to make any such claim or guarantee, and no one at Blue Ocean Tackle Inc will ever promise any customer that he or she will catch a certain species of fish, a certain size of fish, or any fish at all, with any of the products that we offer, nor will we be held responsible for the improper use, misuse, non-use, or abuse, of any products.

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